Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

Since 1923

Brand New Image for the Season 16/17


Strategy + Visuals



New visual materials to help re-define and consolidate their identity and expand their brand recognition. To strengthen their current audiences as well reach new ones.

What makes the RSB different from the rest of the Berlin orchestras?


After some strategic discussions, we uncovered their Unique Value in the market.

They are the only radio orchestra in Berlin and the oldest radio orchestra in Germany.


It’s more difficult to acquire new audiences than to keep the ones you already have. We decided to focus the campaign on engaging their subscribers. They love to meet and learn from the musicians that’s why we made them the center of the campaign.



We developed this concept through a collection of photographs featuring the past and the present of the orchestra through its musicians.

Legacy, broadcast and musicians are the main protagonists.

We also created this promotional video featuring the different historical periods, from the 20’s until the present day.

Today we keep working on the upcoming season campaigns, helping the orchestra to establish and consolidate a strong brand that attracts more audiences every year.