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How we work

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Every website starts with a meeting where we learn and understand your overall vision and your business goals and how your new website will be used to achieve them. We will work together to produce a comprehensive website briefing to ensure we have a solid understanding of your business requirements.


Now that we have all the information to hand, we can start planning your website. This phase includes the development of a sitemap, a hierarchical diagram showing the organization of the website content. We will also review technologies such as the CMS (content management system), forms and third party system integrations.


Once we have the content structure in place, we can start with the wireframes – the task of arranging the elements on website pages. These wireframes will form the backbone of the design, which is where the creativity starts to flow, beginning with the design concept and ending in a stunning graphical representation of what your new website will become.

Development / Implementation

The initial backend preparation of your website such as the CMS and software integrations will start long before our developers receive the designs, but once you have approved the final look of your website, the front end coding will commence. This is where the graphical representations of each page come to life in a secure development environment.


Our team will always make sure that all parts of your website create a great user experience before launching.  And you have an opportunity to test the site as well.


The most exciting moment of the process. The new website goes live! We will be with you 24h hours to ensure a successful launch and a happy ending (or should we say beginning?).


Our team is ready to provide you hassle-free maintenance, updates and improvements with our month-to-month plans.


How long does it take to create a website?

It all depends on the specifications. We normally consider between 4 and 9 months for big complex websites. We also understand that there is no time to lose— so if you are in a hurry, we can break down the website and deliver it in 2 or 3 phases.

Will I have a say in the design process?

Of course! Your input is critical in the creation of something as unique as a website. Our process requires your active feedback along every step of the way. We will not move forward to the next stage before we have your complete approval of the previous one.

What is the investment for this kind of website?

Building a website is like building a house— once we have the specifications agreed, we can determine the cost. We’ll start by asking questions about the intended purpose of the site, your needs, what sort of experience you wish to give your audience… The price of your website will normally depend on how many templates, languages and integrations you need, but only after knowing your answers will we be able to determine an exact cost for it. Bear in mind that we imagine and design the website pixel by pixel to create the unique experience you want for your visitors.

Other companies say they can build a website for $6000. Why shouldn’t we use them instead of you?

Our mission is to create new ways to look at classical music. We know there are many other great web developers out there— but how many of them understand the emotional resonance of classical music?  Our team of marketers, music lovers, strategists, concert attendees and creative thinkers truly know how to convert the passion of what happens on stage into visual marketing that creates impactful engagement.

Does Molina Visuals provide copywriting services and photography?

We do. Our copywriters specialize in web, crafting short, engaging texts that get to the point quickly. Our amazing photo team can create spectacular collections for you to use on the website. Click here to learn more about our Photo and Video services.

Do you provide web hosting services?

There are providers with huge, reliable servers worldwide, so instead of trying to do what they do, we work with them. We will be happy to guide you through the best options and set up everything for you.

Where are you based?

We operate globally… but we also like to shake hands. Our team will visit you to learn everything about your organization and brainstorm together.